workspace: lamp,camera stand, cup microphoneworkspace: headphones, cactus, booksflowerschairpc and wiresscreen and tableshredder, drower and bingrid backgroundwall
This is a workspace.
It’s just a desk, with a screen
and some devices.
It's our place where we spend
at least a third of our life.
We love our place, but it can be overwhelming.
What if the little things we use,
could work together?
Could a few adjustments
make us feel more free, more organized and more inspired?

At Calibra, we're building a better workspace. For you.

When we think about organizing our desks, we often ignore the tools. Instead, we think about all the things we need to keep track of - the people we need to talk to, the content we need to share, the agenda we need to follow. The tools that enable it all, are so ubiquitous that they're ignored.

Despite the ways our workday has evolved, the tools we use have remained relatively unchanged. While all of our other communication tools are changing for the better - with more collaborative features, flexible interfaces, and powerful functionality - the devices and tools we use largely still do what they did 10 years ago.

Webcams remained the same. We have no good way of organizing our desks. We have no clear way to improve how others see us when we communicate - let's blur it! What's more, we blame ourselves for all of these.

That's why we're inventing a new way to organize our desks. We believe our workspace can do so much more to empower us. We're imagining a place that has the right setup for each event. Be it a morning standup or a million dollar pitch. A workspace equipped for the way we do things in 2022, and foundational for how we hope to be doing it in the future.